Download YouTube Blue Apk Latest-2021 (Android/iOS)

If you are frustrated by YouTube ads and want to enjoy the premium features of YouTube so this YouTube Blue APK is for you here we have a direct download link for the apk file that you can install and enjoy.

YouTube Blue Apk

Being the number one video-sharing platform and number of largely searched search engines, there is a possibility you are also a regular viewer of YouTube. But the problem is most of the time we value entertainment content or consume valuable content. We often get advertisements that are frustrating and irrelevant. Also many times we just want to close the YouTube application but still want to hear the audio that is not possible for normal users.

Youtube Blue Apk
Youtube Blue Apk

For this, the possible solution is to use this YouTube Blue application that offers you a cure for these problems that are frustrating. So in this article, we will take you through from features of the application to the download link so stay tuned till the end.

What is YouTube Blue APK

So basically YouTube Blue APK is a modified version of the original YouTube application, which allows you to watch youtube videos without interruption, also lets you enjoy off-screen playback, and offers much more benefits that you can enjoy with normal YouTube applications or as a normal customer.

Yes, there is a solution for this problem if you don’t even use this application but you have to buy a YouTube premium subscription for this which most of us don’t prefer obviously, so the most practical solution for this problem is to use YouTube Blue APK that resolves all of your pain points.

So if you are looking forward to a mod application that could offer you these benefits without a video ads interruption so this would be likely a good solution, keep in mind this is a third-party modification of the original YouTube app that means it is not illegal to use but if you love your privacy then it’s slightly not right preference.

For privacy concerns users we would recommend using the original app or rather by YouTube premium subscription that would be a more efficient and privacy-friendly option available at the moment.

App Details

NameYoutube Blue Apk
Downloads1 M
Size63 MB
PublisherGoogle LLC
Updated OnFeb 10, 2021
Get It OnPlay Store

Download YouTube Blue Apk

Download YouTube Blue Apk
Download YouTube Blue Apk

Features of YouTube Blue APK

Ad Blocker

We all understand that content producers today acquire cash from advancements on YouTube. In this manner, the more people watch their accounts and see their advancements, the more money they may possibly make! Regardless, for specific watchers, the advancements can be bothersome, especially since they upset our audit knowledge. Because of YouTube Blue, you can participate in an innate advancement blocker that grants you to watch accounts adequately without promotions. With this, you can see the value in watching accounts reliably today.

Zoom In

if you suffer from small size problems while watching YouTube videos, this problem could be resolved if you use this YouTube Blue APK this will help you out to zoom in and expand the resolution. Also, you can video title and description will also be zoom in, all you need to stretch out the screen and it will be zoomed or vice versa.


You can change the subject to the default or night mode in the principal YouTube application. Nevertheless, here, you can change it to a grouping mode! It provides red, black, blue, and other modes, switching to any mode whichever you desire for.

Youtube Blue Apk
Youtube Blue Apk


by using this mode you can play YouTube videos in various windows as per your need, also you can switch to different accounts at the same time too, in my opinion, this is an amazing feature which will help you to enhance your experience while watching videos.

Repeat accounts

You can moreover have the decision to go over the video successfully in this application. Then again, you can repeat the whole playlist expecting you need.

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