Download West Game Mod APK [Unlimited Money/Gems]

West Game

Would you like to play games that involve the construction of towns and cities? So if you want to build buildings in a town, West Game Mod Apk is a great game to learn how to do it.

West Game APK Description

The game offers you more than just the chance to create and recruit your own gangs. Begin your fighting career in V by recruiting your army and playing with multiple players around the world.

West Game Mod Apk will provide you with all the excitement from western countries, and will provide all of the experiences under one roof.

The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading a hack version of the game with unlimited money.

West Game Mod APK

A Wild West rife with ruthlessness is where only the strongest survive. You must train your fighting skills in West Game if you want to make it big.

This can be achieved by building an army of cowboys who are loyal to your cause and will help you defeat your opponents.

It follows the same convention as other conquest games that you cannot attack or be attacked for a prolonged period of time in West Game.

You might want to utilize this time to develop your town, strengthen your defenses, and fight future battles. During the course of this game, the peace shield will last a few days.

App Details

NameWest Game Mod APK
PublisherCandy Mobile
Released onNov 13,2019
Get It OnPlay Store

Features Of West Games APK

  • The main task is what you should focus on if you are to have success at this game. You will become famous and top of the game when you complete all your tasks.
West Game Mod APK
  • Alliances can be formed with other players and player communication is possible in this game. Additionally, you will be able to play with your alliance as your team.
  • Too much idle time is the most common cause of defeat in conquering games. In the event of wear and tear of the peace shield, this results in unpreparedness. Always work, or ABW will keep you from crashing.
West Game Mod APK Download
  • As originally designed, the Mortar had the highest load capacity. These will be the main collection units; you will send them out on expeditions to gather resources from the map.
  • Put your army in position for future battles. There will be several days of peace in this West Game Mod Apk. You will therefore have some time to prepare before you become a prime target for raiders.
West Game Mod APK Download
  • This number increases dramatically as you get more units in your army, so much so that you’ll be relying heavily on the map as your primary resource supply.
  • It is impossible to play this game all by yourself because the evil forces are more powerful than you might have imagined. Because of this, you have the option of hiring heroes.

Why you should choose West Game Mod Apk?

Even though the West game application offers all the features, the reason to install the Modded application is that it is going to provide you with a number of amazing features like.

  • An intuitive user interface makes this program easy to use
  • The SSL protocol encrypts data
  •   Installation directly from the package
  •   It does not require root access
  • A gold supply that is unlimited
  • It’s never over when it comes to fun
  • There are more options for vehicles that are unlocked

What’s new?

  • Taking things to a new level
  • The game has been changed in a number of ways
  • A new feature has been added
  • The bugs have been fixed
  • There are a few new themes on our site
  • Updated playlist with new music

Introducing a new version that adds unlimited gold coins mods. As a result of this feature, you will easily have access to resources without having to send your armies exploring and searching the map. The resources you need for upgrading your town and growing your army will be easier to obtain if you have them readily available.


This is a mod version game where you can play and enjoy this game. And while playing this game you can communicate with your team players and also this mod version has many premium features that are unlocked and you will get unlimited coins and you will also get some extra features too all because of this mod version.


Question: Is West Game Mod Apks compatible with smaller devices?

Answer: Because West Game Mod Apk is highly optimized, it is compatible with small devices.

 Question: How much does West Game Mod Apk cost?

Answer: In-app purchases may be included, but yes, it is.

Question:We will earn coins for the exchange of items, but can we use them?

Answer: If you have coins or gems, you can later purchase weapons and other tools.

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