Vivavideo Pro Apk Download 2021

Are you looking to Download Vivavideo Pro Apk so here I’m going to give you the latest Vivavideo Pro Apk for free of cost.

Download Vivavideo Pro Apk

Here you will get the latest version of vivavideo Pro Apk free of cost for Android smartphones. You can download Vivavideo Pro Apk for your smartphone by just clicking on the download button, but before it let’s talk about it.

Vivavideo Pro is a professional video editing application for Android, you can edit videos for YouTube, Tik Tok or business purposes, or any kind of video. In Vivavideo Pro you will get all premium features unlocked, you can edit videos without watermark, No time limitation, No Ads, Mosaic, Keyframe, and much more for free.

Vivavideo Pro Apk

As I told you it is one of the professional video editing apps available for Android, the best thing I like about Vivavideo Pro Apk is its interface, if you have edited video on PC so you know the interface of professional PC video editing software.

Its interface is very similar to theirs, the best part about it is that it is very easy to use, anyone can use it if you never edit a video before, I am pretty sure if you spend one or two days you will be able to edit videos.

If you talk about Vivavideo Pro Apk features so you can add multiple sound layers that are very important for video editing, you can add text and emojis professionally, keyframe, multi-layer editing, glitch effects, multi-clip editing, and much more.

Key Features Of Vivavideo Pro Apk

If you directly go to Play Store and download this application, you wanna use pro features like having a watermark in, advertisement in an application, restriction of video length and so more. I want to use this so you have to pay.

So if you are a beginner for just starting with editing and want to learn it and don’t have enough budget, you can use Vivavideo Pro Apk free of cost if you don’t know about it let me explain.

Basically mode application is a modified version of the original application where you can use everything for free of cost, this is not from the original company or the application source, the mode applications are modded by third parties. 

So now let’s talk about what you will get  Vivavideo Pro Apk with and unlock all premium features. 

Benefits of Vivavideo Pro

  • Unlike other popular video editors applications where you have to edit videos with watermark, which is very annoying, no one likes watermark right. With Vivavideo Pro Apk you don’t have to worry about watermark edit videos without watermark.
  • While video editing editors have to focus on editing, and it’s a free version there are lots of Ads that are very distracting. You can edit video ads free in Vivavideo Pro.
  • If you are using a free version of it you can’t edit long videos, in Vivavideo Pro Apk you can edit long videos.
  • Edit high-quality videos, you can Edit HD Videos in Vivavideo Pro.
  • Multiple editing effects, in order to make the video you need to add multiple effects so that the video looks professional, it offers multiple effects which you can use while video editing.

Vivavideo Editor Explain

This is a digital era, everyone should be online whether we are talking about institutions, school colleges, or businesses. This is a very great thing, almost everyone has a smartphone and is connected to the internet.

Businesses show video is one of the best mediums to promote it, make a video for your business so there is a high potential for customers. but the problem is everyone doesn’t have a professional recumbent for shooting video.

But they have their smartphone which is capable of doing almost everything, whether we are talking about editing videos. Video editing is the main hook to attract customers, if you are video is good but auditing isn’t so there is a chance that you told customers or loses the interest of viewers.

As I told you, a smartphone can do anything, if you are looking for a video editor for Android so there are multiple video editors in the market like Vivavideo Pro Apk if you are looking for a professional video editor so I would highly recommend this.

So here I am going to explain Vivavideo editor in-depth, so let’s dive into it.

Video Editing Tools

Vivavideo Pro APK covers almost every necessary tools for editing which makes video professional such as,

Clip Edit

  1. Canvas – By this tool, you can change video resolution while editing, for example, if you are making videos for Instagram and want to upload the same video on tik to so you can do so by using this tool. In order to do this you just need to click on the canvas button while editing, then select resolution for the platform you want to create the video and that’s it.
  2. Trim – if you want to cut unwanted parts in the videos so you can do this by this option just click on the trim button available at the bottom and select footage you want to delete.
  3. Spilled – I want to cut video between video footage, so you can do this but this tool.
  4. Speed – I want to readjust video speed so you can do this but this speed tool or want to make a slow-motion or fast video so you can do this by this tool.


  1. Add music – you can add music from its library or you can add your own music from your local storage device.
  2. Add voiceover – If you want to do a voice-over in your video, you can do voice over and add voice in the video.
  3. Add sound effects – sometimes we require a special sound effect for the same as a video clip, like a horror sound you can do in this application.


  • Multiple themes – you can add themes in your video like you want to make a video from your images so you can do it and also add love themes, also you can add more themes like birthday theme, love theme, festival theme, introduction, travel music & dance, and more.

Text and Fx

  1. Text – you can add multiple texts with different fonts.
  2. Stickers – I want to make your video more attractive so you can add stickers in your video.
  3. FX – In order to make the video more professional you can add different FX and your videos like butterfly FX, rainy FX, bubble FX, heart FX, Dream, Romantic, Nature, Film, Funny, and more
  4. Mosaic – in some parts of a video there needs to blur something, unlike other famous video editors, there is no option for the blur, in this editor, you can do it and also adjust it.
  5. Mixture – if you want to add multiple things in a video like Photos, Videos, and GIF you can do it.


  • Color – if you want to add a color filter in the video so you can add it.
  • Kira – you can add different types of filters like cream, night, sun spots, blood, and more.
  • Multiple filters – you can add several types of filters in your video to make it professional obviously I can’t cover all of them so you can check it on your own.


  • Brightness – if you want to make your video brighter or make it lighter so you can do this by adjusting brightness.
  • Contrast – you can adjust your video contrast easily.
  • Saturation – you can change your video color so you can do it by saturation.
  • Sharpen – you can make your video sharper.
  • Temperature – adjust video temperature, if you think that while recording or making that video of temperature is good so you can adjust it by this.
  • Vignette – if you want an effect like where the video is darker from edges you can do it by this.
  • Highlights – if you want to control your video headlight so you can do this by just simply adjusted and that’s it.

Slideshow Maker

In order to make a slideshow, you need to follow giving steps

  1. Click on the slide show button on the home screen.
  2. Select the videos or photos of which you want to make a slideshow.
  3. You can add multiple photos or videos by holding on them, clicking on the Next button. 
  4. After doing this you can add it like a normal video, also you can zoom in and zoom out by zooming in two fingers to reduce the length of the video and zoom out with two fingers to zoom in the video in 0.01 second.
  5. You can save in several formats and resolutions.

Export & Share

In Vivavideo Pro Apk you can export video in HD quality, video resolution or excellence is also very important. You can do this by just simply clicking on the save button and then you have to select, export sizes like HD 720p, Full HD 1080p, Normal 480p. Also, you can make GIFs, it’s allowed to export and different sizes also you can make GIFs which is very great.

How To Download Vivavideo Pro Apk

Downloading an APK file is very simple. All you need to do is just click on the download button and then click on the Ok button on the popup that’s it your downloading will start.

After downloading the app APK file click on it and install, if you are first time installing third-party applications you need to allow unknown sources to install APK after clicking on the Install button a couple of times it will install it.

That’s it and just open it and enjoy video editing.

How To Use Vivavideo Pro Apk

So after downloading the APK file, you need to install it, after installing the application. You have to open the App then after opening the application.

You are able to use all the premium features of Vivavideo Pro for free like you can use No watermark, export in HD Quality, No time limits, Mosaic for blur in the video, Keyframe, Music Extraction.


After downloading Vivavideo Pro Apk you can enjoy and edit like a pro, this is one of the best available video editing applications for Android in the market.

If you are a beginner or just want to learn video editing so it could be a good app to start with, it is perfectly suitable for beginners and any can use it and its interface is really easy to use.

That being said, I hope you like this application, and do let us know what and which part you like about it also if you are having any problems or query you can also just comment below.

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