Vivavideo For PC Download[Updated]

Vivavideo For PC Download

Here is the detailed guide about How to Download/Install Vivavideo For PC, if you want to know so follow the below guide. So let’s dive into it!

So if you just simply Google it, you find that this Vivavideo is not officially launched for PC or Mac, but here I’m going to take you to the installation process of this editing app.

However, if you wanna use Vivavideo on your PC you need something called an Android emulator. First, those who don’t know about Android emulators, so for them let me explain.

Vivavideo For PC Download

So basically, the emulator does that just like you are running a virtual operating system in this case Android. Show emulator is just like a virtual machine that helps you to run an operating system.

There are many emulators available in the market which you can use but I would suggest the best which is BlueStacks. This emulator can perfectly run Android as well as any Android application. 

Below have step by step guide in order to install and download the emulator as well as vivavideo.

  • First, go to the official website of BlueStacks which is widely and stable emulator for Android, emulator helps you to install and run any Android application on your PC for free of cost.
  • Once you have done with the downloading and installation process of the BlueStacks emulator, then run as administrator once it is open.
  • Set up its like and normal Android smartphones, open Play Store, and sign in with any Google account, search vivavideo.
  • Wait till it gets downloaded and installs on an emulator, then you are able to use it as you use in your smartphone.
  • Once this whole process is completed then you are good to use Vivavideo editing application and you can edit your videos on your PC vivavideo.

It is one of the best video editing applications available in the market and comes with wonderful features that help to create the professional-level video you can create a video for any purpose, especially when you are editing on PC so the screen size is big so you can definitely edit video in a better manner.

Features of VivaVideo for PC

Features of VivaVideo for PC
  • When you are using Vivavideo on PC, it allows you to edit and created slips at the immediate pace.
  • It also comes with multiple effects that add final touch in the video which helps to create professional Video.
  • Vivavideo comes with FX-format settings which ultimately gives effects like DSLR.
  • It also has thousands of music available and its library which you can definitely use for free of cost in your video.
  • You can also create a professional like a collage with the help of this app using photos and videos.
  • You can create videos for various platforms as well as in various resolutions that you can share on multiple platforms.


That’s being said I hope that you have faced no problem while doing this process and it’s a very simple process if you follow the guide I am definitely sure that you can easily install Vivavideo on your PC.

But if you get any problems so you can let us know in the comment section below, so stay tuned with us for more apps like this and also for tips and tricks.

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