Picsay Pro Key Features-Pro Features

One of the common skills that everyone should have is photography and photo editing, in some cases for photography you require expensive equipment but for photo editing, it doesn’t. In this article, I am going to explain the Picsay Pro photo editor so let’s dive into it.

Picsay Pro

For those who don’t have any idea about PicSay Pro editor so let’s have a quick intro for them. Basically, it is one of the easiest photo editors that are available in the market literally. If you don’t know anything about photo editing by using this application you can make your picture at a crazy level.

Starting from the beginning Picsay Pro is a paid application. For this, you have to pay 199 Rs. In order to download there are several ways to download when not talking about them here, but also you can enjoy its free version that comes with so many features by using them you can also edit your photos, first, let’s talk about its features that you should know.

Key Features Picsay Pro

Picsay Pro offers you almost every feature that should available on Android photo editor for example effects there are many effects such as Distort by using this feature you can add magnifying glass effect in your picture, Spotlight with the help of which you can add spotlight or highlight some portion in the image and rest of them will be black, Marker this is kind of highlighting feature by using it is you can draw anything on an image, Pixelize basically it helps you make pixel blur in the picture. 

You can adjust so many things in an image for example Exposure can increase or decrease it by using the slider, similarly, you can also adjust the Contrast of the image, now you can adjust Temperature, Tin, Saturation, and Brightness. Also, you get some basic features like Crop and Straighten, Resize, and Rotate, and Flip.

Pro features

This feature comes under this section called Misc, let’s start with Curves by using this you can adjust three main colors red green, and blue, Adjust RGB similar to the previous one you can adjust the same colors but on the slider, Fix Red Eye in order to fix red-eye in the image so it helps you for this, Blur it is one of the common and useful features that every photo editor should have, Paint Mask/Selection you can Paint on a photo by using any color, Add Background Colour if the image is transparent and if you want to add a background so you can add background color, History Print and Picture location you can check the history of the paint that you had and also you can check and change the picture location in Picsay Pro.

With the pro version of the application, you also get real effects like rainbow, blend and color, duotone, black and white, pop art, neon, faux HDR, and more.  Also introduce more stickers such as word balloons, titles, hats & helmets, eyes, masks and glasses, ears, mouth & nose, beards & mustaches, emoticons, and much more.

Long story short, if you are just beginners so you can only use the application it is a good app for photo editing its free version could fulfill all your requirement that required and if you have money so you can upgrade it to Picsay Pro but initially not recommended, also you can consider another editor that is available in the market so that you can explore more.

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