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So here is the complete comprehensive guide on the best editing apps called KineMaster Video Editor. It allows you to use the KineMaster Pro Version along with multiple tracks, chroma-key, export in 4K, No Watermark, and many more features.

I’ll take you through every aspect of the application so without further ado let’s get started!

Download Kinemaster Pro Apk [No Watermark]

So here you will find a direct download link of KineMaster Pro Apk without watermark, which means if you download this application on your smartphone so you can easily edit videos without worrying about watermarks.

KineMaster Pro is fully capable of editing videos professionally whether you want to edit them or not. Many big YouTubers use this app, this app offers amazing features which ultimately help you to enhance your video quality.

But before it, let’s jump into the features part of the application so that you will get a more detailed idea about the Pro APK of KineMaster.

Kinemaster Pro Apk

When it comes to editing on smartphones KineMaster Pro APK is the best video editing app available for Android also this application is used by Professionals who edit videos on their smartphones. 

First, start with its interface, KineMaster Pro offers multiple tracks for videos and sounds, also you can add multiple effects and your video in order to make it professional.

The best part about this application is that anyone can easily use this if you are just starting video editing so I would suggest that this is the perfect application you can start with. You can trim your video, also KineMaster Pro comes with Multiple Audio tracks, you can Customise Audio, 3D Transitions effects, Chroma Key features for changing background in a video, and more without Watermark.

I will discuss each and every feature in in-depth, but if you are using a nonpro version of KineMaster so you miss much more features than you shouldn’t what are the biggest thing that I hate about its non-pro version is there is a watermark which is very very unprofessional, also you can’t export in 4K and as well as other limitation so I would highly recommend you to use KineMaster Pro APK.

Key features of KineMaster Pro APK

So each and every future has its own uses and functionalities so let’s discuss it.

  • Multiple layers – now believe me this feature is very important as a video editor at the same time while editing you need multiple layers and in kinemaster pro it is possible.
    • Multiple Graphics – So basically you can add photos, videos stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting add simultaneously, the app provides separate tracks for them.
    • Multiple Audio – Not only graphic you can also add multiple audios like if required sound effects and are over at the same time, but also 8 or more audio tracks can be added at the same time. So you can do this application while editing which helps you a lot.
  • Chroma Key – This is a professional level feature that comes with kinemaster Pro, or we can say it is the best feature of all time. Basically, with the help of Chroma key feature, you can replace the background with whatever background you want like if you want to put video awesome visual graphic or image or whatever you want so you can do this by Chroma key. In order to use this feature, you need a green screen for a single color background to replace it, while editing you can see on the left-hand side on top this Chroma key feature is available just click on it select your color and then select a background and boom background will change. You probably saw this thing in Hollywood movies they use a green screen to replace the background, you can also do this.
  • Transitions Effects – Now first those who don’t know about this feature so let me put forward it, have you ever wondered that how Hollywood and Bollywood movies use effect in video slides or changing frames this feature known as transitions effect, and believe me this thing looks very fascinating. So if you want to add transition effects so it is possible in KineMaster Pro APK, there are many more wonderful effects that you can use which look professional. A movie Transition technique used in film editing and production process that combines with shorts and scenes. In most of the films, they use selective transition effects such as transmitting a tone or mood, suggesting the passage of time or parts of the separate story, variety of effects also includes wipe in, wipe out, fade, dissolve, etc.
  • Animations – This is yet amazing advanced features offered by KineMaster Pro, It helps you to get bulky quantities of animation while editing on the platform itself. It has a variety of various scenes available on the app which you can use for free of cost and also you can add your own special effects.
  • Addition of Multiple Layers – Kinemaster Pro supports an infinite number of text layers, image, handwriting, and overlay, and also most importantly up to 10 layers of video (depends upon device). It is very easy to adjust player position and timing, also animation layer utilizing the preset animation effect or you can call Keyframe effects.
  • Keyframe – With the help of this feature you can create your own animation in the video, this is very simple all you need to do is add image or video of which you want to make animation, then just cut some portion according to your timeline, use Keyframe and just move the cut footage in order to make the animation repeat this process again and then your animation is ready.
  • Voice over – If you just recorded a video without audio, recorded video separately this feature is for you. Basically, you can do voice over on your video, also you can add previously recorded audio. This feature is primarily effective for those who make comedy videos for motivational type videos where they have to do voice over. You can do the following with your voice over.
    • Increase and decrease volume.
    • Changes EQ Like- AM Radio, Bass Booster, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, etc.
    • Also, you can change your voice with the help of Voice Changer – Pitched, Alien, Chipmunk, Woman, Robot, Old Man, etc.
  • Aspect Ratio – if you are content creator, this is extraordinary characteristics by KM Pro, so basically aspect ratio is the resolution of your video you can create in three aspect ratio as mentioned below.
    • 16:9 this is a very popular aspect ratio, if you want to create a landscape size video show this will help you also if you are creating videos for platforms like Facebook, YouTube video. So you can use it.
    • 9:16 this aspect ratio is for creating videos in portrait size, or if you want to edit videos for platforms like Tik Tok, WhatsApp story, Instagram story, and Facebook story. So you should check out this.
    • 1:1 this is not extremely popular but also it is very useful if you are creating videos for Instagram IG videos, or you want to create videos in square size.
  • KineMaster Asset Store – It is delivered by KM, which carries features that add flavor to your video.
    • Featured Items show the featured content from all the varieties Store on the Asset Store.
    • Effects can be implemented on items that are on a timeline to encompass the place or to enhance the style of the content.
    • Transitions – you can apply between two separate part items of the video on the timeline. 
    • Overlays – this includes the stickers and animated items, basically stickers all the types of the image which are applicable on a layer. 
    • Fonts – the app itself provides lots of fonts that you can use while editing, and these form language based on Latin alphabets (such as English, French, German, and so on) that are divided into two sans-serif, serif, display, and handwriting groups.
    • Stickers & Emoji – if you are making a story type video, you should use stickers and emoji that will enhance the quality of your video.
    • Audio – we can divide it into two separate part that could be sound effect and music, so if you want to add sound effect in your video so you don’t have to worry about it because the app itself provides it for free of cost also if you have any pre-recorded or downloaded, so you can directly import it while editing.
  • Settings
    • Audio – you can fully control video’s audio like auto master volume, Audio Fade-in (From the start the project), Audio Fade-out (End of the video project)
    • Editing – you can set the default duration of a photo clip, and also the default duration of a layer from settings.
    • Also, you can set default Pan & Zoom mode for a photo clip like fit-in screen, fill the screen (Fixed photo no movements), Ken Burns (Random movement of photo), Ken Burns (Face recognition).
  • Export Features – if you had it amazing professional video but if you are unable to export in high quality so that is not a good thing, kinemaster supports 1440p(4K) video export at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • While exporting the video, select the frame rate and resolution then click on the Export Button, the video will save after completing the process directly to your phone’s internal storage.

For Images Features

  • Clip Graphics – this comes with a collection of banners, overlay, and motion graphics in a different theme that you can overlap on any clip of the main timeline. You can change clip graphics with each other if we are not happy with provided graphics so you can tab on Get More accesses the KineMaster Asset Store to get additional graphics. Or you can download additional graphics from external sources as stickers, animated overlays, and more. You can use them by clicking on the Layer.
  • Color adjustment – This feature only comes in PC editing software but this application also provides color adjustment so basically you can adjust video color as you want.
  • Trim – you can cut images according to your need.

Kinemaster Pro APK Editor Explain

As we know that video performs much better than text or image, whether we are talking about learning or for advertisement video is great. Videography and video editing is the all-time highest-demand skill that you should have, as we can see around us not everyone has professional equipment like a DSLR and powerful PC to edit videos.

But they have their smartphone on their hand if you are reading this so there are high chances that you are reading on your smartphone. In some cases, smartphones perform better than PCs and DSLR because of usability. So KineMaster can help you to edit your videos on your smartphone, whether you are creating videos for YouTube for educational purposes this app can fulfill all your requirements, but obviously can’t make movies on this app.

If you spend 2 to 3 days on this application so I am damn sure that you will able to edit videos in better manna, where I was started video editing so initially I start with my smartphone Redmi Note 4, this was a wonderful smartphone that I had, I kept editing video and try and failed so that’s how I learn video editing.

Types of KineMaster Pro APK

In the market there are several versions of KineMaster pro each of the Versions comes with its own unique feature, so now let’s talk about them.

  1. Kinemaster Black – This application is also similar to the man app but the difference is it has a black theme, all the buttons and UI are in black in color.
    • No Watermark
    • Multi-Layer
    • 720p, 1080p, 4K are supported
    • Chroma Key
    • Audio Editing
    • Convert Your Voice
  2. Kinemaster Blue – the app itself comes with mind-blowing features that you can use to edit your videos.
    • Multiple tracks
    • Export in Ultra HD
    • User-friendly interfere
    • Useful effects
    • Without watermark
    • Chroma key supported
    • You can make videos in 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1 resolution.
  3. Kinemaster Diamond – It is the fully unlocked version of kinemaster with some minor changes like Blue Theme, Revamped UI with also Chroma key supported, unlimited layers of graphic and audio, and much more with no watermark.
    • Removed Watermark
    • Blue Theme App.
    • Unlocked Premium Assets On Store.
    • Supports all Kinds of Layers.
    • Chroma Key Supported.
    • 4K Video Resolution.
  4. Kinemaster Gold – This is the most popular version of KineMaster, this version also considered as the most powerful and professional editing application for Android.
    • The new Golden looks
    • 2D / 3D transition effect
    • Preview your instant edited videos
    • All features are unlocked
    • Manual controls
    • Speed can be controlled
  5. Kinemaster Lite – It is the lite version of KineMaster Pro in terms of size, where the original application is in big size. But this app carries all the features of the original version so if you are looking for a similar type of app so you can consider it.
    • Small file size.
    • Capable to edit professional videos.
    • Chroma key feature is also available.
    • 3D effects and Transitions.
    • MultiTrack
    • Export in 4K
  6. Kinemaster Green – This version comes with different themes but similar types of features that you may like.
    • Speed Controls
    • No Watermark
    • Chroma key to change the background
    • Reverse video
    • Export in 4K

KineMaster Pro Mod Apk

If you are looking for a mod version of KineMaster pro, here it is. Basically, you can use all the premium features of the application like No Watermark. This is possible in this version without paying any amount of money.

Those who don’t know what mod APK is so let me tell you basically mod APK is the original app but with some modification done by someone else, for example, if you want to use a premium feature this is not possible in the free version you have to pay but this is not the case in mod version.

All premium features are unlocked and you are free to use them. So Is it safe to use, I don’t have an answer to your question because as other websites claim it is 100% safe to use because the application is hosted on-site and this is originally paid? I can’t tell I am not a developer and also this application is also not from the official company so if you are not very much concerned about your data so you can use it, of course, it is free.

So if you’re a beginner and just want to start, I would highly recommend starting with this application so that you can command this skill as well.

How to Download KineMaster Pro APK

The downloading process is very easy, just you need to click on the download button then a pop-up will come which says ok to download so just click on it, and download will start.

Depending upon your internet speed, if I have a good internet connection so the application will download in a few minutes. So once the file is downloaded all you need to do is click on it. Now if you are installing a very first-time third-party application so you need to allow unknown sources from the settings of your smartphone.

Then click on the install button within a few minutes and the application will be installed on your smartphone. Once these steps are done, open the application to allow files and audio in order to give access to files on your smartphone.

How to use KineMaster Pro APK

So in order to use the application and edit your videos, you have to follow the steps below that I have mentioned.

  • Open KineMaster Pro, then click on + icon and select resolution like 16:9 for YouTube-like videos, 9:16 for full-screen videos like TikTok, and 1:1 for Instagram like videos.
  • Then select the image or video which you want to edit.
  • If you want to add background music for voice over recorded on the audio button then import the video.

Disable Background Data of Kinemaster 

if you are very concerned about your data on the application is not functioning on your smartphone because of the operating system of your device. So you can erase data from the settings. Or if the app has access data in the background, so I would highly recommend disabling background data or you can turn off the mobile data by following.

  • Download and install the application.
  • Open your smartphone setting > and find > Apps/All Apps or Apps Manage and > fine KineMaster.
  • Open app settings data usage status > background data
  • That’s how you can turn off background data.

KineMaster Pro FAQs

Frequently asked questions that most people use so here are answers to your questions.

1. Can Kinemaster Be Used on PC?

The app itself is not officially released by the company but you can use it on your computer by using an Android emulator.

2. Is Kinemaster Free?

Yes, the app is free to download and use available on the Play Store but you have to in-app purchase in order to use premium features like special effects, remove the watermark, export in 4K, and more.

3. Can I remove “KineMaster Watermark”?

In order to remove the Kinemaster watermark, you have to go in for an app purchase subscription or use mod APK from the (site URL) website.

4. Will KineMaster work on Xiaomi devices or MI devices?

Yes, KineMaster Pro works on almost every smartphone like Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, and others.

5. Will KineMaster work on an iPhone?

Currently, Kinemaster is not available for iOS devices so you can’t use it.

6. What is Mod Apk?

Basically, in simple words, Mod APK is the modified version of the original application by a third-party developer.

7. Are all features free to use on KineMaster Pro?

If you use the Mod APK of KineMaster pro so you can use every premium feature for free of cost.


So that being said, I hope you know everything about KineMaster Pro APK, this is a very professional and easy-to-use application. I hope you are enjoying your editing if you are facing any problems in order using the app so do let us know in the comment section below.

Stay tuned with us for apps!

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