Download Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk Latest-2022

Hello guys, are you looking for an app that tells you the real-time speed of your internet connection? Tired of fouls, internet speed meter apps? There are many similar apps that claim to be detecting the exact speed of the internet our service provider provides you, but they are not accurate as this Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk this app allows you to know your actual internet speed.

Internet Speed Meter Apk

Not just that, this app also boosts your internet speed, unlike other internet speed meters, this Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk is way more efficient.

The creator of this app always tries to do something new for you, so they created an antique internet speed meter named Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk.

Internet Speed Meter Apk
Internet Speed Meter Apk

The internet speed meter app takes care of every feature you want because they have made this app very specifically for the young generation, we often use all of our daily data limits with the help of this, you will know how much data you have used and how much data you have left.

If you are looking for something interesting, here he has some yes, we know there is a lot of similar apps which is good, but in the era, we live in we always want something new which you can use very easily and with the help of their exciting new features you will always find yourself satisfied with this app also you will love this Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk.

App Details

NameInternet Speed Meter Pro Apk
Downloads50 M+
Size0.96 MB
Updated On1 Sept 2020
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Features Of Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk

  • This app not only tells you your internet speed but also tells you uploading speed too. It tells you the exact speed while uploading a file, and not all internet meters have this feature. Most internet speed meters cannot tell you your internet speed if you are looking for your internet speed
  • Theme support is one of the best features of this app, there are a lot of similar apps but they don’t have features like this Internet Speed meter pro apkthe creators of this made this app with a special theme support feature, once you start using this app you will get to know how interesting this feature is.
Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk
Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk
  • Many internet users don’t even know what data traffic is, this data traffic means how much traffic is in data connection. Data connection and internet speed both depend on data traffic, if data trafficking is higher then internet speed will be low, and low data traffic leads you to higher internet speed.
  • If you are looking for an app then that app must be Battery efficient, otherwise if the app is not Battery efficient then it will drain your battery faster and that also affects your mobile’s battery life. The creator of this fantastic app, make sure that the app is fully battery efficient and does not drain more power from your device.
  • This internet speed meter pro apk will allow you to check the real-time speed update in the status bar or the notification bar of your mobile phone. Even if you are not using your phone, this app will always show exact data usage on the screen saver of your mobile.
Download Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk
Download Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk
  • As you may already know, the data used by you or any of your mobile applications will be shown on your notification bar and you can check it on this application. Also, if you want to control the data usage, you can set a data limit on this app.
  • Are you are even wondering if this application is only for users who use data packages instead of WiFi? Then you are wrong, this application keeps control over the WiFi internet speed and data used on the WiFi. This application works on both the stats of the internet that WiFi and the data package too.
  • This app is 100% free and fully secured, this app never asks you any irrelevant app permission, and also it never shares your files and data with anyone. It also secures your data to get stolen, this app is malware and other viruses free, it projects itself from being attacked by many viruses.

How To Download Internet Speed Meter Apk?

This app is very easy to download, all you need to do is allow your browser to access storage in order to store your files. 

Then click on the download link and wait till the apk file is fully downloaded and do not panic if it is taking a long time, then it may be due to your slow internet speed.

If it happens the do not, force close the browser, refresh or close downloading before downloading is completed itself, or the file can be corrupted or it can cause the crash of the apk file and maybe you need to download the file again from the beginning.


This app is an internet speed monitoring app that has all the pro and professional features are unlocked, this the app developer know that you cannot be satisfied with an ordinary app, that is why they always know what is your choice, and they always keep working harder and harder every day for you.

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