Vivavideo On iOS

Are you looking to download the Vivo video app on your iOS device? Here is A detailed guide about how to download vivavideo on iOS.

The share will provide the direct download link of the Vivavideo App so that you don’t have to go anywhere to download it. You can just click on the link and you will redirect to the official page.

Brief Info About Download Vivavideo on iOS

Vivavideo is available on App Store with an over 4.8 rating which is amazing, but the app size is larger than the Android version which is 279.1 MB. The best part about the iOS version of this app is its smoothness; you can edit your video in a better way.

Viva Video Ios Download
Viva Video Ios Download

In order to download viva video on your iOS device, you need iOS 9.0 or later on your iOS device. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, if you have these things so you are good to go.

Search VivaVideo on the App Store to do the process that you do while downloading the app from the App Store.


As I told you earlier, you can edit videos smoothly. The application comes with all the features that you need in order to create professional videos.

The price of the application is free on the Play Store but if you want to purchase some extra features so you can In-App Purchase so that you can assess Premium Pack,

Viva Video iOS Download

Remove Duration Limit, Remove Watermark.


The theme itself comes with a huge number of themes such as themes for birthday party video, travel video, or romantic video instantly, that could help in order to make your video professional.


Background music in the video is just like a cherry on the cake so that Vivavideo has a large number of music libraries that you can use free of cost.

Dynamic Texts

You can add dynamic beautiful text on the video while editing, as you can add stickers.

Glitch Effects

This is my favorite effect that this app comes with, I have so many apps to edit my videos but none of them comes with this feature you can add Glitch Effects in your video which looks superb.

Add Multi-Music

Besides its music library, you can also add multiple music players in your video, which will help you a lot.

Key Frame

By this feature, you can make one picture in motion as per frame like if you want to show a bike is running by the image this feature is made for.

Multi-Layer Editing

This is a very important feature because sometimes we need multiple graphics in one place, this is possible by this feature of the application.

Chroma Key

This feature helps you in order to remove background in a video like if and video have the green background for the single color background so you can simply remove it and add whatever you want.


If you use this feature so you can mix up your videos and photos to make a collage of pictures in picture video.

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